How to select the correct audience (ExchangeApp | tutorial)

In this tutorial, I will explain the audience settings on the campaign creation page. Audience settings in the campaign creation page are very much important to make subscribers permanent.

Table of contents

  1. what is audience settings
  2. Why audience settings is important
  3. types of audience settings
  4. understand the audience group
  5. How to select the correct audience
  6. Conclusion

to get permanent subscribers we recommend that you will use the campaign section, audience settings are very much important for the campaign based on audience settings your campaign will be shown to users so it’s important to who you are creating the campaign for. so let’s get started.

You can also watch this tutorial on YouTube

1. what is audience settings

audience settings are the important steps for creating the process of a campaign. Using these settings you can control who will watch your campaign and engage with your channel. It is very much important so that you can control who will engage with your channel using the ExchangeApp. Using this setting you can also get back your lost subscriber if for some reason YouTube removes your subscriber count.

2. Why audience settings is important

To understand why audience settings are important, you need to know the updated YouTube policy about subscriber count. Why YouTube subscriber count decrease and how to prevent it.

please read the YouTube policy to understand more, for our tutorial purpose I am just sharing the concept.

if your subscriber doesn’t engage with your channel after a certain period YouTube consider that the subscriber is not the active subscriber so the subscriber is useless for the channel because the subscriber will not engage in this channel so YouTube removes that subscriber from your subscriber count and you see the subscriber decrease in your dashboard.

now somehow if you can manage to show your next video with your subscriber maybe they will watch and like if they do subscribe will be active again for your channel and YouTube will not remove that subscriber. You can do this using ExchangeApp if you get your subscriber from ExchangeApp. this is why ExchangeApp is the best app to get permanent subscribers.

you can control this feature using audience settings so it is really important to make subscribers permanent using audience settings.

3. Types of audience settings

in ExchangeApp there have three types of audience. Based on the subscribe status we categorize this audience into three categories.

  • All users
  • All subscribers
  • New Subscribers

4. Understand the audience group

All users: all the users of the app are in this group. Who is currently using the app would be in this category either the user subscribed to your channel or not.

All subscribers: these are the subset of all users who are the subscriber of your channel. You may be created a subscriber campaign one time or maybe two to three times, it does not matter how many campaigns you did create. the total number would be all subscribers. Let’s consider you have created three subscribe campaigns first campaign for 20 subscribers, 2nd campaign for 30 subscribers, and 3rd campaign for 40 subscribers so audience all subscriber means all the (20+30+40) 90 users all subscribed to your channel from the last three campaigns.

New Subscribers: New subscriber is the subset of All Subscribers, In our previous paragraph we consider that we created three campaign, now from last campaign we created the campaign for 40 users now new subscriber would be the only 40 users of our app who subscribed your channel from your last subscribe campaign.

5. How to select the correct audience

now we know what is the audience group and how to make subscribers permanent. now let’s see how we can select the correct audience to make subscribers permanent.

if you only want to increase watch time in your channel you will create a view campaign and you will select the audience for all users. Because you want to show your video to all of the users who are currently using our app. The user could be your subscriber or not you just need to increase your watch time.

next, if you want to make your old subscriber permanent then you need to select the audience as all subscribers. So that your old subscribers watch your new video again so that YouTube considers those subscribers as active subscribers.

and if you want to make your new subscribers permanent then you need to create a campaign for them in that case you need to select audience “new subscribers”. So that your new subscribers watch the new video and then become active subscribers to YouTube.

6. Conclusion

hope you understand the audience settings and how to select the correct audience to make subscriber permanent. This is how you can get permanent subscriber is using ExchangeApp, this is the only app which actually allows the user to create a campaign for their subscriber. If you follow the campaign create guidelines with audience settings your subscriber will engage with your channel again which seems to be an organic subscriber so this way your subscribers comply with YouTube policy.