How do the ExchageApp works to get permanent subscribers?

The ExchangeApp is the YouTuber’s community platform is to support each other’s channel. So that everyone get permanent subscribers. You just need to register with your email account to join the community.

Then you need to subscribe to channels you like, watch/like/comments videos you are interested in to earn coins that you will use to promote your own channel or video.

ATTENTION! The app does not add or remove subscribers from channels by itself.

This platform is built to help small YouTube channels, those that are struggling to grow or meet up the YouTube 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours requirements to apply for monetization and grow your channel faster. If your channel is small, is unlikely that you will compete on YouTube that is why we built this app as an alternative.

You can also use our app after you get monetization to increase traffic to your channel and earn more.

Our app is the best app in the market right now to grow your YouTube channel based on its features and how it works.