How to make permanent subscribers?

To make permanent subscribers you need to follow the below 3 steps.

make subscriber permanent

Step-1: Make permanent subscribers by following campaign create guideline

You need to follow the campaign create guidelines to make permanent subscribers. Follow the app rules and campaign creates guidelines are different things. Read the complete guideline here: How to get permanent subscribers (Campaign create guideline)

Or you can also watch this tutorial here

Step-2: send request to verify subscriber’s status

You can request to verify the subscriber’s status from the campaign details page. So that you can see if someone unsubscribed or not, if someone unsubscribes, the app will force them to subscribe again instantly.

To send the request, first go to the “Campaign” section from the main menu, then click on the title of the subscribe campaign, you will see the list of subscribers. Now click on the subscriber name, if that user subscribes to your channel 6 hours ago you will see the option “Verify”. if this “verify button is active, click on this button. The app will send a request to the subscribers and ask the user to verify if the user is still a subscriber or not. In case the user unsubscribes out of ExchangeApp, the app will force the user to subscribe again. Users wouldn’t be able to do anything in the app without subscribing again.

Step-3: use app every day

User app every day. Yes, to make subscribers permanent, use the app every day. Create some campaigns for “All Subscribers” and “New Subscriber’ to understand how you can do that, read this post here: How to select the correct audience (ExchangeApp | tutorial)

You can also get some free login bonuses every day from the “Free coin” section.

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