Organic YouTube Subscribers Using ExchangeApp

Are you struggling to grow your YouTube channel? You’re not alone. Getting organic subscribers can be challenging, especially for beginners. This article will show you how to use ExchangeApp to attract genuine subscribers who engage with your content. With our step-by-step guide, you’ll learn how to boost your channel’s growth and build a loyal audience effortlessly. Follow these proven strategies and watch your subscriber count soar. Let’s dive in and discover how ExchangeApp can transform your YouTube channel.

organic YouTube subscribers using ExchangeApp

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What are Organic YouTube Subscribers?
  3. Steps to Get Organic Subscribers
    • Prepare Your Phone
    • Login and Connect Your Channel
    • Create an Organic Campaign
    • Increase Engagement and Watch Time
    • Ask Them to Subscribe
    • Repeat Steps to Gain More Subscribers
  4. Organic Subscribers Using ExchangeApp
  5. Final Thoughts

What are Organic YouTube Subscribers? Organic subscribers engage with your content over time, showing increased watch-time and interaction before subscribing. They are more valuable than those gained through methods like sub4sub, which often result in temporary or inactive subscribers. Organic subscribers are genuinely interested in your content, leading to higher engagement and better overall performance of your channel. For beginners, getting organic subscribers may seem daunting, but with the right approach and tools, it can be achieved effectively.

Steps to Get Organic Subscribers:

  1. Prepare Your Phone:
    • Ensure a good internet connection.
    • Install ExchangeApp from the PlayStore and open it.
    The first step in using ExchangeApp to gain organic YouTube subscribers is to ensure that your phone is ready. Make sure you have a stable internet connection, as this will be crucial for using the app effectively. Download and install ExchangeApp from the PlayStore. Once the installation is complete, open the app to begin the setup process.
  2. Login and Connect Your Channel:
    • Log in and connect to your real channel. Avoid using dummy or fake channels.
    After opening ExchangeApp, you will see a login button. Click on it to log in to your account. It is essential to connect your real YouTube channel where you want to get subscribers and increase watch time. Avoid using any dummy or fake channels, as ExchangeApp does not allow fake accounts or channels. Be careful in this step, as you won’t be able to change your channel later.
  3. Create an Organic Campaign:
    • Earn coins within the app.
    • Go to the “Campaign” section, create an organic campaign, and select a video.
    • Choose the quantity and duration, then target non-subscribers.
    Before you can create a campaign, you need to earn some coins within the app. You can get coins from various sections of the app. Once you have enough coins, go to the “Campaign” section and click on “Create campaign.” Select “View” as the campaign type, then click on the search button to pick any of your channel videos. Choose a duration and the number of views you want. For example, set the quantity to 50, meaning 50 people will watch your video. Ensure you select the “Non-Subscribers” option before creating the campaign. This will help you target new viewers who are not yet subscribed to your channel. Click on “Create campaign” to complete this step and wait for your campaign to run.
  4. Increase Engagement and Watch Time:
    • Once your campaign is completed, go to “My Account” > “New Audience.”Ask users to engage with more of your videos.
    After your campaign is complete, go to the “My Account” section and click on “New Audience.” Here, you will see a list of users who watched your video from the campaign. Click on each user to see an option like “Ask to engage.” Click on this option and choose any video from your channel. You will see a success message indicating that the user has been asked to engage with your content. Repeat this step for each user as much as you want. This process will help increase their engagement with your channel and improve your watch time.
  5. Ask Them to Subscribe:
    • After users engage multiple times, ask them to subscribe.
    Once each user has engaged with your content more than three times, you will get an option to ask them to subscribe to your channel. This can be done by clicking on each user and selecting the “Ask to Subscribe” option. Additionally, you can ask them to engage more as per the organic subscriber definition. When users subscribe to your channel, they will be moved to the “All Subscriber” section in “My Account.” You can also ask them to verify their subscription status if you suspect someone has unsubscribed.
  6. Repeat Steps to Gain More Subscribers:
    • Continuously create campaigns and engage users to build a larger, organic subscriber base.
    In step 3, if you chose a quantity of 50, this means 50 users will be in the “New Audience” section of your account. From there, you can turn them into active audience members for your channel and eventually organic subscribers. Repeat steps 3 to 5 to continue growing your subscriber base. This consistent process of creating campaigns, increasing engagement, and asking for subscriptions will help you build a robust, organic audience over time.

Organic Subscribers Using ExchangeApp In summary, ExchangeApp provides a systematic approach to gaining organic YouTube subscribers. By following the steps of preparing your phone, logging in, and connecting your channel, creating an organic campaign, increasing engagement and watch time, asking viewers to subscribe, and repeating the process, you can steadily grow a genuine subscriber base. This method ensures that subscribers are genuinely interested in your content, leading to higher engagement rates and better overall channel performance. Unlike other methods, ExchangeApp focuses on building a sustainable and active audience, making it a valuable tool for any YouTuber looking to grow their channel organically.

Final Thoughts Following these steps with ExchangeApp can help you gain organic subscribers who consistently engage with your content, aligning with YouTube’s guidelines for genuine growth. Organic subscribers are crucial for the long-term success of your YouTube channel, as they are more likely to be active and contribute to your channel’s watch time and engagement metrics. As a beginner, it can be tempting to try methods like sub4sub, but these often lead to short-term gains and long-term losses. By using ExchangeApp and following the steps outlined in this tutorial, you can build a sustainable and engaged subscriber base.

Happy YouTubing! <3

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