“Too short video” why ExchangeApp does not allow short videos?

To prevent some watch time loss, we made a rule that you can only promote video which is more than 1min 10 seconds or more long. Please choose the long video to create campaigns to prevent watch time loss.

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Let’s say you choose the video which has a duration of 45 seconds, now when you create a campaign for a minimum duration of 60 seconds and people try to watch your video they only can watch 45 seconds while your video is only 45 seconds long. which mean, you are losing 15 seconds of watch time for each user. For a campaign with 1000 quantities, you are losing 15,000 of watch time which is equivalent to around 5 hours.

To prevent losing your watch hour we made these rules so that by any mistake you can’t choose a short video and promote. Hope you understand now.

Thank you for using ExchangeApp.